Quiet Time

When do we give up on naps? Jordan will be four at the end of October and goes through phases of wanting to nap, not wanting to nap, and needing a nap. I let him go a few weeks without napping because it turned into a huge struggle whenever the word nap was spoken. So I surrendered and let him stay awake, but boy did we pay for it in the evening time. He would hold strong until about 4:00 pm and after that forget about it! He just could not cope well so I took charge again and made him lay down in the afternoons. When he does nap he is a different kid in the afternoon. The boys get up so early that it is essential he naps or he ends up having to go to sleep around 6:45 because his little body can’t handle it anymore.

With Jonathan wrapping school up and our schedules changing again I plan on having quiet time in the afternoon for both boys. Jasmine normally takes her best nap in the afternoon so I am crossing my fingers to get a quiet house for at least an hour in the afternoons each day. It’s a good time to have Jonathan read books and Jordan will feel like he is not missing anything while brother is home. On the days that I know Jordan is clearly not going to nap I do make him have a quiet hour. His only option is to look at books or lay down, but no tv or tablets. I find that he is receptive and responds better in the afternoon with the rest even if he doesn’t fall asleep. DSCN7115DSCN7124DSCN7125

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What are your kiddos nap schedules and how do you adjust when you have an older sibling home for Summer Break?

Have a great Wednesday!

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