Summer Gear for the Kiddos

With the school days numbered we are getting our backyard pool ready so we will be ready for the hot and long Summer days that are to come. This will be our second Summer setting up our above ground pool. We are a bit more experienced, but debating on installing artificial grass underneath the pool and surrounding it. I am just so excited to utilize our pool this year since I wasn’t able to since I was pregnant last Summer with Jasmine.

Below are some Summer essential wardrobe items for the boys and Jasmine. We are in and out of the house so many times throughout the Summer so an easy, durable, but cute sandal is a must. These sandals last all Summer and are easy enough for Jordan to put on and off by himself. The boys also live in either pajamas or their swim trunks so I will have to stock up on a few more so they last us through the next couple of months.

Hats and sunscreen go hand in hand. We always protect our skin while out in the sun. The kiddos actually like me to put it on them and I let them use the sunscreen sticks to do their faces which results in their faces completely white. I have to remind myself at least their sweet faces are protected! DSCN7127DSCN7131DSCN7132I can’t wait to get Jasmine in her cute little swimsuit. I absolutely love babies in swimsuits and bonnets! I am curious to see how she will react in the water. I am sure as soon as she sees her big brothers splashing around she will want to join the fun! I still need to order her a coverup and found the cutest ones from Pottery Barn Kids  (here)  and they’re on sale! DSCN7118Jasmine’s Swimsuit ( sold out but similar here) / Shoes/ Bonnet / Sunscreen sticks / ShortsDSCN7120Boys swim trunks / Hat / Sandals / Sunscreen

We will be counting down the days to get in our swimmers and have lots of fun in the sun!

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