Weekend Overview

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Ours started off with rainy and cold weather Friday through Saturday afternoon. I told Jonathan a couple of weeks ago that we would rearrange his bedroom per his request. Well, let’s just say he did not forget. Saturday morning arrived and Jonathan was bright eyed and bushy tailed to get started. I had a rough night with Jasmine waking me up every two hours wanting to nurse. Jonathan and I disagreed for awhile, but he whittled me down and by the afternoon his bedroom was rearranged to his liking.

Later, that afternoon we went to the park and our local library. Jonathan is doing an end of the year project on Greek mythology so he snagged a few books to look over the long weekend. I let Jordan pick out three books for himself and as we are checking out Jasmine is starting to get fussy, Jordan is running all over the place and I don’t even look at the books he handed me, well we got home and started to look through them and he grabbed all Spanish books so we will be sharpening our Spanish skills.

All the rearranging of Jonathan’s room and our outing had us craving one of our favorite snacks. Homemade whip cream (recipe here), graham crackers, and strawberries, so good!!! DSCN7133We finally got some warm weather on Memorial Day. We’re so thankful for all the sacrifices that our military personnel endure which allows us our freedom. Truly grateful!

The boys got their hands and feet dirty when we did go outside! Jonathan was filling Jordan’s rainboots with water and they thought it was hilarious. Jonathan didn’t realize Jordan was wearing socks until Jordan took his boots off to dump all the water out. They had a good laugh together over it. Jasmine was scooting all over the backyard. I could tell she was wishing she could play in the dirt as well. DSCN7254DSCN7272DSCN7304DSCN7306DSCN7189DSCN7285DSCN7262My overalls (similar here) / Birkenstock Sandals

I hope you have a wonderful short week!!!

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