Planting Flowers

It’s officially Summer!!! Since being back from Disneyland we have been in a state of rebuilding, organizing, and trying to finalize our backyard which meant finally getting to plant flowers. I was holding off since no one would be around to water them and I made the mistake in the past of heading on vacation and returning home to dead plants so we waited until we got home this time.

We headed to Home Depot and I let the boys help pick out which flowers they wanted to plant in our flower beds. Jonathan was more enthused and picked out some annuals and marigolds. We headed home and put them right in the dirt. Jordan would only smooth the dirt out with his shovel and didn’t want to help much because he didn’t want to get dirty. He is very particular about what he wants to partake in so that left Jonathan to get his hands dirty which he was all for!

I love having flowers planted! I think it just makes your space more cheerful, inviting, and of course beautiful! We spend so much time outside during the Summer and early Fall that we try to make our backyard as pleasant as possible. The kids love to explore, swim, ride their bikes, and play basketball/soccer. We plan to have many BBQ’s and late Summer nights in the backyard!


Cheers to Summer!!! Have a wonderful day!

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