Weekend Overview

We are finally wrapping up all the outside work that we have been working on all week with the exception of pulling some weeds in our front yard. The boys helped fertilize all of our plants and trees over the weekend. They like to help in short spurts plus they like to get all hot and then jump in our pool! We did lots of swimming, splashing, and hanging outside over the weekend.

The boys love to swim each day and I love to watch them laugh, play games with one another, and have races. Summer is about creating a wonderful atmosphere and cherishing the hot, long days together. We transferred our Christmas decorations from our outside shed to an inside attic while cleaning up and found a bunch of Christmas string lights. Well, let’s just say we found a home for them outside. We waited for it to get dark so the boys could see and Jordan was so surprised and kept saying, “it’s so magical!” And it really is. I love any excuse to throw string lights up. It creates such an inviting ambience. It’s my hope to sit outside in the evenings with my kiddos and talk about our day, their adventures, listen to their dreams, and answer their questions. They are both at such fun stages in their lives. There is never a dull moment around our home. Jonathan is thinking deeper about things, asking more important questions, and becoming a great young man. Jordan is so full of life and curiosity. He loves to follow his big brother around and is becoming very independent at the same time. Their relationship is just what I hoped for when I thought of having kids. They argue, tell on each other, fight over who is playing with what toy, but can’t be apart for more than five minutes without one of them asking for the other. True definition of brotherhood!

DSCN7848DSCN7887DSCN7900With all the outside work and Jasmine’s first swim in our pool over the weekend she was tuckered out! I just love how peaceful and comfortable she looks and not to mention those cheeks!!! I could just scoop her up and never put her down.


I hope you all are enjoying the start of Summer! Let’s make it a great one!!!

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