Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!! We celebrated the fourth at home which is my kind of celebrating. My husband had to work so it was just me and the kiddos for most of the day. We started our day off with some pancakes and strawberries. I told the boys they could have a water balloon fight the night before and they woke up asking what time they could have the water balloon fight.

Soon after breakfast, we were dressed and outside filling up balloons! I thought the water balloons were the ones you hook up to the hose and 30 plus are filled in seconds, but I was mistaken. We had to fill each balloon individually. The boys had an assembly line where Jonathan filled the balloon, I tied them and Jordan placed them gently in the bucket. They had a nice system working and they had almost as much fun filling the balloons as they did throwing them at each other. They were completely soaked!


Jasmine was all smiles while she watched her big brothers run around, dodging balloons, and getting wet! I know she can’t wait until the day she can run around and join the fun!


After the boys were all dry and we had lunch we attempted to craft some Fourth of July rockets out of toilet paper rolls. They painted them, cut stars out, and stuffed them with tissue. We followed this template!

DSCN8252DSCN8249DSCN8297DSCN8296Star Garland from Etsy (similar here) / Captain America hat / Jordan’s shirt (old from the GAP) / Jasmine’s headband / My shirt from Hello Apparel

Overall we had a great Fourth of July! I hope yours was fun filled as well!

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