Summer Meals

Summer is a time for family, outdoors, late-nights, tan lines, and yummy food! I want to eat yummy food, but want minimal cleanup and don’t want hours spent in the kitchen, I know I may be asking for a lot, right?! I have found recently that I love the idea of platter dinners. I love the fact that you can throw several different foods on a platter and let everyone decide what they want. We have been grilling our meat (chicken drumsticks and steak below), boiling some eggs, and throwing various vegetables for sides. Also, cooking some bacon and adding that to the platter is a huge hit with the boys! All in all the platter meals are very quick which is a major win. The grilling is nice because we are outside anyways so it doesn’t necessarily feel like cooking. Prep your meat per your liking, wash your greens and vegetables really well, boil your eggs while you’re doing a little chopping and throw it all on. Simple, easy, and tasty!


Another quick and easy meal I stumbled upon at our local grocery store is a pasta kit, which you can totally create yourself, but I was in a hurry and thinking well this will be easy for tonight since I am always scrambling nine times out of ten with dinner ideas. The boys are not fans of pasta salads so I am still on the search for one that they might enjoy. Suggestions? However, for lunches, these are a great meal that I enjoy. I had some Dutch French bread and sliced peaches. It is a light, delicious meal. We also, do a lot of sandwiches for lunches in the summer. I bought some croissants the other day and made turkey, ham, and salami sandwiches for the boys and they enjoyed the change. I think as the seasons change eating what’s in season is always best and just changing something as easy as bread can make the same ole meals have a new appearance as well as a different taste.

What are you cooking this Summer? I hope you have a great rest of your week!

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