Art Project, Paper Airplanes, and More

Our weather lately has been forcing us to spend time indoors. We have had poor air quality due to surrounding fires, severe thunderstorms in the afternoons, and extremely hot weather! As much as we enjoy being outside I think we all needed some time inside and we found plenty to do.

Jordan still loves to paint and I realized with our swimming daily, playing outside, and heading to the library I haven’t created many opportunities for him to paint. My husband had recently bought some poster boards for a project but realized they were the wrong size so I quickly snagged them up and put some painters tape on them and let the boys go for it. Even though Jonathan is more into building Legos he still will participate in activities like this which I love. They thought this project was pretty cool and were very proud of their final results!


Another, great indoor activity that the boys have been enjoying is making paper airplanes from this book that one of their Aunt’s bought for them. They received it in the mail just the other day so it was great timing! The patterns are so beautiful and the airplanes fly very well. So far we have several flying around the house at all times and a few are scattered in lights hanging that we can’t reach or windows. I’m sure all 100 birds will be scattered throughout the house very soon (thanks Aunty D 😉)!


So lastly, when the boys tire of art and airplanes their imaginations take off and they create an epic battle using various toys. It’s quite entertaining to watch them and I think they enjoy setting the scene the most. They find toys they haven’t played with in months, army guys, toy cars and trucks, and action figures and let the battle begin! The cleanup is their least favorite, but it seems to be worth it since it has been happening several days in a row. I love their creativity and imaginative play!


Being stuck inside hasn’t been too bad we have all agreed, but we are not ready for Summer to be over and are making the last few weeks count by swimming or playing outdoors!

What do your kiddos do when they have to stay indoors? Also, who is on the countdown for Orange is the New Black??!!! Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!

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