Fresh Air

It’s no secret that we LOVE to be outside, but recently we have had several days in a row that our air quality has been deemed unhealthy due to surrounding wildfires in our area. The smoke has certainly put our normal routine of spending as much time outdoors to a halt. However, the smoke has cleared (for now at least) and we couldn’t get our shoes on fast enough to head outside! With Jonathan back to school we normally walk him and Jasmine and Jordan will ride in the stroller. Jordan especially loves to walk/stroll his brother to school, secretly hoping one of these times he can just go with Jonathan. After we dropped Jonathan off and walked back home I set Jordan’s favorite activity up outside, painting!

He really is in his element when he gets to paint, color, and be creative. One day he made 23 paper bag puppets! They were adorable and he said he needed to make one for everybody he knew (which he doesn’t even know 23 people, but I wasn’t going to stop him).

So I set up his painting station, bringing his table and chair outside and we enjoyed the fresh air. Jasmine was inside napping with Dad. Jordan enjoyed the scenic view and requested we do this every day!

Anything we can do while being outside is such a win. The kiddos get their energy out, if a spill happens it is easy to grab the hose and wash it down, and the sun just makes you feel good. We are so thankful to have clear skies and will continue to think positive thoughts for everyone affected by the fires and our brave firefighters for saving lives!


I hope you have a wonderful week and get to enjoy some fresh air!

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