Weekend Overview

Now that Jonathan is back in school the weekend just does not seem long enough! We definitely need longer than two days, but it is what it is and we will cherish all the time together that we can get.

Jonathan started soccer again and is now playing in a competitive league. Practices are longer, the games are a bit further away, and they are playing to win! He had his first game on Saturday which we had to be ready and in the car by 8:15 am! For a Saturday that was a stretch plus my husband had to work so I was solo with the kids on this trip. Jonathan played great and I love the effort he gives each game. He scored one goal that I missed because Jordan needed to go to the bathroom. His team tied 4 to 4 so they were able to gain a point (which matters at the end of the season). There was a huge oak tree in the corner of the field that provided lots of shade so Jasmine and Jordan played in the grass under the shade which was so nice!

After the game on Saturday, everyone was wiped out from the early morning and heat. We had a quiet afternoon and were patiently waiting for Dad to walk through the door. As soon as the kiddos hear the door open they run as fast as they can and pretty much tackle their Dad! Jasmine is so cute now and greets him by screaming at the top of her lungs, “Dada!” We all think it is adorable. Sunday was another relaxing day. I had a few errands to complete to get ready for the busy week ahead. We have a ton going on this week with appointments for the kiddos, soccer practice and two games during the week.

On another note, I can totally feel Fall in the air and am loving it! I hope you have a great week.

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