Weekend Overview

Well, our weekend went entirely way to quickly! However, per the calendar, it’s officially Fall (insert happy dance)! Our weather is pretty inconsistent windy and chilly one day and the next day almost 90 degrees! The forecast for this upcoming week is in the high 80’s and low 90’s, I love warm weather, but am ready to put on some cozy layers.

Back to the weekend recap, Jonathan had a soccer game up at the Lake on Friday night so it was a bit of a drive. They ended up losing, but played hard. We had a nice drive and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Jordan had a blast and seems to always find a pile of dirt to play in during Jonathan’s game. Jasmine, of course, is always trying to keep up with Jordan and/or even sometimes will run on the soccer field to get her brothers attention screaming, “Jon Jon!” We got home pretty late Friday night and the boys stayed up way past their normal bedtime! I was hoping for a late Saturday morning, but that didn’t happen.DSCN9919DSCN9924DSCN9929

Saturday morning was a crisp Fall morning. We headed outside early and the kiddos pointed to each pumpkin and talked about all the fun Halloween things coming up that we are going to do (our Fall Bucket List coming soon). We were pretty tired from the late night that Saturday we didn’t do too much, but lounged around the house.

Sunday, Jonathan was determined to build a birdhouse for a multiple intelligence school project. He used some wood his Dad had laying around, cardboard, and popsicle sticks. He worked hours on it and put a lot of hard work so far into it. He still hasn’t completed it and will continue to work on it a little each day after school. It was really cool to hear how he wanted to design it, his overall vision, and what was working and not working through each step. While Jonathan was working on the birdhouse, I prepped dinner which was Shepard’s pie. Later, in the afternoon we headed to another soccer game. They didn’t come out with the outcome we hoped (it has been a rough season so far), but they gave a great effort!

We headed home and I put dinner in the oven, we ate, the kiddos had their baths and just like that the weekend was over!


Boys pajamas / Jasmine’s pajamas / Jasmine’s beanie

Who is ready for This is Us, this Tuesday??!!!! Just another one of my Fall favorites to be back on the air. So excited!!!

Happy Fall!!

It’s almost officially Fall

Yeah, it’s almost officially Fall! So that means pumpkins, cozy clothes, and Halloween movies will be on repeat from now until November 1st. I seriously, love Fall and everything Fall related. The pumpkins hit the grocery stores in our area this week and I scooped some up! I am a sucker for pumpkins and mums in the Fall. However, I am still waiting for my mums to bloom and I’m not quite sure they will survive since Jordan and Jasmine’s favorite activity is to pick all the buds off (insert sad face).

We are looking forward to the weekend and have a few soccer games to keep us entertained. We also are planning some quality family time since my husband is home this weekend!


My Martha Stewart Living magazine came in the mail the other day. I always look forward to October’s issue. It had a cool article about where your pumpkins come from. I found it interesting and plus it had many festive Halloween ideas and yummy recipes! Martha never disappoints, especially for the Holidays!


Jordan crafted again this week and loved the five little pumpkins for inspiration. It reminded us of this book which we read immediately after he finished his art. Another great thing about Fall is the cute Fall and Halloween books that we get to read.


Happy Fall! I hope you have a great weekend!

Weekend Overview

Our weekend was full of little outings, relaxing, and spending quality time together even though my husband was working and we missed him terribly.

Jonathan didn’t have soccer over the weekend so it was really nice that we could just hang out and not worry about getting everyone ready, filling up the sippy cups, packing the millions of snacks and making sure everybody has used the bathroom before we left. Saturday started off slow and lazy, but we ended up going to our local library for a while. Jordan loves the library and Jonathan always finds an interesting book or two. Our library has a little play area for the younger kids that has a cute kitchen, train table, and other toys. Jordan and Jasmine kept themselves entertained for quite some time. Once they finished up playing we picked out some books and headed to our local grocery store to pick up a white t-shirt for Jonathan because his class is tie-dying shirts this week. Well we left with all the ingredients to make homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes (I had never had mashed potatoes in my soup until I was in college and we had a pre-game meal at one of our booster families before one of our basketball games and I will never forget how genius and delicious it was). It was slightly breezy and chilly so the weather was perfect for homemade soup and the kiddos love it.


Boys pajamas / Soup Bowls / Soup Book

One of the books that we picked out from the library was how many seeds in a pumpkin? Jonathan read the book to Jordan (and later to me) and immediately picked the pumpkins I had on the table and began counting the lines on the pumpkins. It was pretty cute and we have decided that we will be cutting them open to find out which has more seeds (a fun and MESSY project to do in the weeks to come).


Sunday came around pretty quickly and we got dressed after breakfast and went to the grass field that Jonathan practices soccer at during the week. Our backyard is pretty cluttered at the moment since we are in the midst of dismantling our pool (insert tears) so the kiddos haven’t been able to play outback as much as normal. Jonathan was working with Jordan on a few soccer moves and it was really sweet to watch Jordan listening so intently to his big brother. Jasmine was walking all over the place and enjoying the free rein. We had the entire field to ourselves and the kiddos ran, played, and laughed.


I hope your weekend was full of fun! Have a great week!

Fall Crafting

Who’s ready for the weekend?!!! We definitely are! With school in full swing, soccer three times a week or more, I’m counting down the days until the weekend hits. What I love most about the weekends is our lazy mornings, lounging in our pajamas, and eating pancakes or French toast without rushing to be someplace. Speaking of pajamas it’s getting pretty chilly in the evenings and mornings so I can’t wait for the kiddos Halloween pajamas to come in. I ordered the boys these and Jasmine’s in pink. I love to get them festive pajamas for the Holidays.

Jordan and I decided to do some crafting the other day and we got all our supplies out (well minus the paint) but we had a great time gluing, tracing leaves, and coloring. Jasmine was napping so it was nice to spend some one on one time with Jordan. He is so creative and loves to do anything with art.

DSCN9585 (2)DSCN9587DSCN9606DSCN9620DSCN9601

While we were crafting at the table Jordan insisted on running outback to get some leaves. He was running around trying to find a few that have fallen off. The leaves are not falling off that easily yet, but they have started changing colors. I really appreciate the seasons changing and all the beauty that comes along with it.


Fall Day Candle/ Harvest Stickers / Crayons (similar here)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pumpkin Cakes

Over this past weekend, I was able to snag a few small pumpkins from our local grocery store and it inspired me to make something sweet! I ended up making pumpkin cupcakes that I would originally make into bars, but the kiddos enjoy the cupcake form better and I can’t say I blame them.

The boys went out and about with their Dad and Jazzy and I stayed in and baked. I got a feel for what is to come with my girl and I can’t wait for the day she can fit in an apron and get her hands all messy with me! The boys will still ask to help while I’m in the kitchen and I love that. Jordan loves to help peel corn on the cob and he literally gets ever strand of hair off (it takes him about 30 minutes to peel four, but he does an excellent job). So back to the cupcakes, the recipe is below.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

4 eggs / 1 cup vegetable oil / 2 cups sugar / 2 cups flour / 2 cups pure pumpkin / 1 teaspoon vanilla / 1 teaspoon baking soda / 1 teaspoon salt / 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon / 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice /

I combined all ingredients and mixed for several minutes. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 19 minutes for cupcakes.

Cream cheese Frosting

1 stick of butter / 1 package of cream cheese (softened) / 1 box of powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla

The kiddos all enjoyed and Jasmine has been signing more for a few days now and she was signing more after she got a few bites. I am going to try to keep introducing more sign language with her and will update how the progress goes.


I hope you have a wonderful week and I would love to hear your favorite Fall treat?

Five things to do when the Kiddos are Napping

With school back in session for Jonathan, I have made an effort to get Jasmine and Jordan on the same nap schedule. With that said I find I have at least an hour of uninterrupted time sometimes longer. At first, I sat around pacing the house like what should I do, but quickly realized that this is my “me” time. As a mother, I feel that I am not entitled to “me” time, but do recognize that if I don’t take care of myself I can’t take care of the people who need me the most. So my list is below of the things I enjoy to do.

1. Exercise! I have been very active my entire life and I need to exercise regularly to feel well rounded mentally and physically. I am blessed enough to have a weight room in our home so I utilize that or just do push-ups and planks some days. Staying active is a nice way for me to increase my energy level to keep up with my kiddos while doing something good for my mind and body.

2. Read. I completed two Judy Blume books in the month of July and was really proud of myself for finding the time to accomplish that. Plus, Judy Blume books are such a light and easy read that once I start one I am hooked and any sliver of time I have I will want to dedicate that to finishing her books (I read Smart Women and Summer Sisters and recommend both). My goal is completing one book per month so I will be researching a Fall Book List for myself ( I am open to suggestions).


3. Prep, organize, and plan! I grouped all three together since they are all intertwined and connected. However, being able to prep for dinner that night while Jasmine is not trying to get into all the cabinets or with Jordan asking for another snack is really nice. Being able to organize an activity for Jordan to start on when he wakes up or cleaning out a drawer that I can’t seem to find the time to when the kiddos are awake. Lastly, looking ahead at my planner to write all important dates, doctors appointments, soccer games, and knowing what the weeks ahead look like.


4. Scrolling Pinterest. I love Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t??!! I love to find new dinner ideas, projects, create boards for inspiration and look at beautiful photos.

5. Rest! I remember hearing when I first had Jonathan that you should nap when the baby naps and I never could let myself do that. I felt the need to try to make up for all the things that I couldn’t do because of having a newborn and no time. However, after three babies I finally get it! Rest with the kiddos if you need it. I am totally okay with leaving my dirty dishes, not moving the laundry if I am feeling exhausted that day and need a 30-minute power nap.

These are the things I enjoy doing while I have an hour or so of time to myself. I would love to hear what your list consists of.

Falling into September

How can it be September already?!! I am in an in-between phase of not wanting Summer to end, but am sooooo excited for Fall! This past Summer was so much fun that I’m not ready for the fun to end, but Fall is my favorite season which has me counting down the days for the leaves to start changing colors, a crispness in the air, and pumpkins! Give me all the pumpkins!!!

We had an extremely busy week last week and Jonathan caught the back to school flu bug and was home sick one day so the three day weekend couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My husband was working over the weekend, but he did get to hang out during the morning and early afternoon so the kiddos were very happy about that. I am not sure what is about Labor Day weekend, but I get inspired to start looking ahead at my cooking menu for the upcoming months and want to explore some new soup recipes for this Fall. I love to look through my old Fall magazines to get some inspiration. I also put up my Fall twinkle lights, it creates a nice ambience and gives me all the Fall vibes.

This past weekend I ran out of coffee so I loaded the kiddos up and we went to our local grocery store and I came out with three pumpkin candy holders that Jordan insisted we needed, how could I resist?!! I am such a sucker for Halloween goodies. I can’t take a trip to the grocery store without purchasing a Fall/Halloween treat!


We had beautiful weather over the weekend that allowed us to have our final swim for the Summer. We also took a few walks around the neighborhood in the evenings. Taking walks is one of my favorite things to do as we head into Fall. It seems to calm the kiddos down and it is so pretty!


I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend and here’s to the short week!