Five things to do when the Kiddos are Napping

With school back in session for Jonathan, I have made an effort to get Jasmine and Jordan on the same nap schedule. With that said I find I have at least an hour of uninterrupted time sometimes longer. At first, I sat around pacing the house like what should I do, but quickly realized that this is my “me” time. As a mother, I feel that I am not entitled to “me” time, but do recognize that if I don’t take care of myself I can’t take care of the people who need me the most. So my list is below of the things I enjoy to do.

1. Exercise! I have been very active my entire life and I need to exercise regularly to feel well rounded mentally and physically. I am blessed enough to have a weight room in our home so I utilize that or just do push-ups and planks some days. Staying active is a nice way for me to increase my energy level to keep up with my kiddos while doing something good for my mind and body.

2. Read. I completed two Judy Blume books in the month of July and was really proud of myself for finding the time to accomplish that. Plus, Judy Blume books are such a light and easy read that once I start one I am hooked and any sliver of time I have I will want to dedicate that to finishing her books (I read Smart Women and Summer Sisters and recommend both). My goal is completing one book per month so I will be researching a Fall Book List for myself ( I am open to suggestions).


3. Prep, organize, and plan! I grouped all three together since they are all intertwined and connected. However, being able to prep for dinner that night while Jasmine is not trying to get into all the cabinets or with Jordan asking for another snack is really nice. Being able to organize an activity for Jordan to start on when he wakes up or cleaning out a drawer that I can’t seem to find the time to when the kiddos are awake. Lastly, looking ahead at my planner to write all important dates, doctors appointments, soccer games, and knowing what the weeks ahead look like.


4. Scrolling Pinterest. I love Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t??!! I love to find new dinner ideas, projects, create boards for inspiration and look at beautiful photos.

5. Rest! I remember hearing when I first had Jonathan that you should nap when the baby naps and I never could let myself do that. I felt the need to try to make up for all the things that I couldn’t do because of having a newborn and no time. However, after three babies I finally get it! Rest with the kiddos if you need it. I am totally okay with leaving my dirty dishes, not moving the laundry if I am feeling exhausted that day and need a 30-minute power nap.

These are the things I enjoy doing while I have an hour or so of time to myself. I would love to hear what your list consists of.

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