Fall Crafting

Who’s ready for the weekend?!!! We definitely are! With school in full swing, soccer three times a week or more, I’m counting down the days until the weekend hits. What I love most about the weekends is our lazy mornings, lounging in our pajamas, and eating pancakes or French toast without rushing to be someplace. Speaking of pajamas it’s getting pretty chilly in the evenings and mornings so I can’t wait for the kiddos Halloween pajamas to come in. I ordered the boys these and Jasmine’s in pink. I love to get them festive pajamas for the Holidays.

Jordan and I decided to do some crafting the other day and we got all our supplies out (well minus the paint) but we had a great time gluing, tracing leaves, and coloring. Jasmine was napping so it was nice to spend some one on one time with Jordan. He is so creative and loves to do anything with art.

DSCN9585 (2)DSCN9587DSCN9606DSCN9620DSCN9601

While we were crafting at the table Jordan insisted on running outback to get some leaves. He was running around trying to find a few that have fallen off. The leaves are not falling off that easily yet, but they have started changing colors. I really appreciate the seasons changing and all the beauty that comes along with it.


Fall Day Candle/ Harvest Stickers / Crayons (similar here)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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