Weekend Overview

Our weekend was full of little outings, relaxing, and spending quality time together even though my husband was working and we missed him terribly.

Jonathan didn’t have soccer over the weekend so it was really nice that we could just hang out and not worry about getting everyone ready, filling up the sippy cups, packing the millions of snacks and making sure everybody has used the bathroom before we left. Saturday started off slow and lazy, but we ended up going to our local library for a while. Jordan loves the library and Jonathan always finds an interesting book or two. Our library has a little play area for the younger kids that has a cute kitchen, train table, and other toys. Jordan and Jasmine kept themselves entertained for quite some time. Once they finished up playing we picked out some books and headed to our local grocery store to pick up a white t-shirt for Jonathan because his class is tie-dying shirts this week. Well we left with all the ingredients to make homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes (I had never had mashed potatoes in my soup until I was in college and we had a pre-game meal at one of our booster families before one of our basketball games and I will never forget how genius and delicious it was). It was slightly breezy and chilly so the weather was perfect for homemade soup and the kiddos love it.


Boys pajamas / Soup Bowls / Soup Book

One of the books that we picked out from the library was how many seeds in a pumpkin? Jonathan read the book to Jordan (and later to me) and immediately picked the pumpkins I had on the table and began counting the lines on the pumpkins. It was pretty cute and we have decided that we will be cutting them open to find out which has more seeds (a fun and MESSY project to do in the weeks to come).


Sunday came around pretty quickly and we got dressed after breakfast and went to the grass field that Jonathan practices soccer at during the week. Our backyard is pretty cluttered at the moment since we are in the midst of dismantling our pool (insert tears) so the kiddos haven’t been able to play outback as much as normal. Jonathan was working with Jordan on a few soccer moves and it was really sweet to watch Jordan listening so intently to his big brother. Jasmine was walking all over the place and enjoying the free rein. We had the entire field to ourselves and the kiddos ran, played, and laughed.


I hope your weekend was full of fun! Have a great week!

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