Weekend Overview

Well, our weekend went entirely way to quickly! However, per the calendar, it’s officially Fall (insert happy dance)! Our weather is pretty inconsistent windy and chilly one day and the next day almost 90 degrees! The forecast for this upcoming week is in the high 80’s and low 90’s, I love warm weather, but am ready to put on some cozy layers.

Back to the weekend recap, Jonathan had a soccer game up at the Lake on Friday night so it was a bit of a drive. They ended up losing, but played hard. We had a nice drive and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Jordan had a blast and seems to always find a pile of dirt to play in during Jonathan’s game. Jasmine, of course, is always trying to keep up with Jordan and/or even sometimes will run on the soccer field to get her brothers attention screaming, “Jon Jon!” We got home pretty late Friday night and the boys stayed up way past their normal bedtime! I was hoping for a late Saturday morning, but that didn’t happen.DSCN9919DSCN9924DSCN9929

Saturday morning was a crisp Fall morning. We headed outside early and the kiddos pointed to each pumpkin and talked about all the fun Halloween things coming up that we are going to do (our Fall Bucket List coming soon). We were pretty tired from the late night that Saturday we didn’t do too much, but lounged around the house.

Sunday, Jonathan was determined to build a birdhouse for a multiple intelligence school project. He used some wood his Dad had laying around, cardboard, and popsicle sticks. He worked hours on it and put a lot of hard work so far into it. He still hasn’t completed it and will continue to work on it a little each day after school. It was really cool to hear how he wanted to design it, his overall vision, and what was working and not working through each step. While Jonathan was working on the birdhouse, I prepped dinner which was Shepard’s pie. Later, in the afternoon we headed to another soccer game. They didn’t come out with the outcome we hoped (it has been a rough season so far), but they gave a great effort!

We headed home and I put dinner in the oven, we ate, the kiddos had their baths and just like that the weekend was over!


Boys pajamas / Jasmine’s pajamas / Jasmine’s beanie

Who is ready for This is Us, this Tuesday??!!!! Just another one of my Fall favorites to be back on the air. So excited!!!

Happy Fall!!

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