Fall Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately so we try to walk as much as possible. After we walked Jonathan to school on our walk back home I asked Jordan if he wanted to do a scavenger hunt. He asked, “An Easter egg hunt?” I explained it was similar to an Easter egg hunt and gave him the Fall Scavenger hunt paper to look at. I found it on Pinterest (there are so many great options, you can search or customize them to what you know you have in your neighborhood etc.) I printed off this one. I grabbed a brown paper bag before we left the house so he could put all of his goodies in there.

His bag was full in no time! He had trouble finding a few of the items, but he would remember quickly where there were pine trees in our neighborhood and say, “Oh, Mom we need to go this way to get a¬†pinecone.” I was pretty impressed with his ability to remember where certain things were.

After Jordan collected all of his goodies and we made it home we wanted to soak up more of our gorgeous Fall weather. Jasmine and Jordan played on our front grass (since there is a Halloween explosion in our backyard) and picked up leaves. I told Jordan to gather as many leaves as possible so that we can press them and do a fun leaf craft later. The leaves are so vibrant right now that a leaf craft is definitely in order!


Scavenger hunts are such a fun activity! It gets everyone outdoors and looking at nature a bit closer.I hope my kiddos will remember to take in how beautiful our changing seasons are.

Happy Friday!!!

Halloween Crossword Puzzle

We’re in full festive mode over here with Halloween only a week away! We have spiderwebs everywhere, pumpkins in every room, Halloween candy out, and our Haunted House is almost ready for Trick-or-Treaters!

With Jonathan having his normal school schedule disrupted this week with shortened days and as Holidays near it is very easy to get off course with school work and homework. I love to incorporate fun and festive, but educational activities when I can. We teamed up with Education.com and they provided us with this awesome Halloween themed crossword puzzle that you can print off here and answer key here. I like to laminate worksheets like this so we can do them again and again. If you don’t have a laminator you can stick the worksheet in a page protector so you can reuse it. Jonathan has really taken an interest in crosswords and finds them challenging and fun!

After Jonathan completed his crossword he asked his (almost four-year-old brother) the questions. I had some leftover Halloween stickers that we told Jordan the answers are all right here (minus a few since I didn’t have a sticker for a costume, etc.) and he got them all correct! It was a great way to incorporate Jordan into an activity making it age appropriate for him. They both had a great time!


Halloween is coming soon and this crossword puzzle is the perfect way to practice reading and writing Halloween words! Check out more fun at Education.com!

Pumpkin Painting

Our weekend started a bit early since Jonathan got out of school at 1:20 due to parent-teacher conferences. The weather was beautiful that morning so after I dropped Jonathan off at school I took Jordan and Jasmine to the park. We haven’t been to the park in several weeks because they were making improvements and it was closed temporarily. The park turned out so gorgeous and the kiddos enjoyed themselves.

Saturday the boys painted pumpkins. They did a great job! Jordan couldn’t decide between adding googly eyes or stickers. The stickers ended up making the cut! We plan on carving pumpkins as it gets a bit closer to Halloween night, but painting them is always a favorite of mine or even adding black ribbon to them. It’s a fun and festive activity for all ages.


While the boys were busy at work Jasmine was enjoying her bites or yum yums as she calls them. She had her 15 month check-up earlier in the week and she is 98th percentile in height and 25th in weight. She is long and “slender” per her pediatrician. We have officially stopped breastfeeding which I have mixed feelings about and have had a hard time adjusting, but it was necessary. I’m so thankful and completely shocked that I was able to breastfeed her for 15 months. I will treasure that time forever! She is growing up way too quickly. Her personality is showing more and more each day and she is very strongwilled, determined, and loving.


We hit the park again on the weekend since Jonathan kept hearing all the hype from Jordan. He had to see the new and improved park for himself. The park was very busy because they had soccer games on the grass fields above the park, but the afternoon was perfect.


We have a shortened school week and early release for Jonathan each day, dentist appointments, and continuing to get our Haunted House complete. Only 9 more days to Halloween!!!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Weekend Overview

Our weekend went incredibly way too fast! On Sunday evening Jonathan stated, “mom, this was the fastest weekend ever!” We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but it sure flew by!

Saturday Jonathan made it clear that he wanted a relaxing day. He had a few exams earlier in the week, finalized the Fall soccer season, having his last game in the middle of the week, and was in need of a day off. He didn’t even get out of his pajamas! I forget sometimes just how tired and on the go our young kiddos can be and it’s nice to just have a day to lounge around.

I was able to finish my book that I was reading The woman in Cabin 10 which was so good. I read it in about a week. I also was able to catch up on last weeks episode of This Is Us.


Sunday, we all had a bit more energy and I decided to attempt to make caramel apples. I followed a Martha Stewart recipe from an old Living magazine I had. Well, let’s just say it was a total bust and I’m determined to try again. My caramel didn’t darken like it should have so I will try a second attempt sometime soon.

While I was cooking the boys were crafting at the table. We didn’t really have anything in mind specifically, but they ended up making cute Halloween pictures using stickers, popsicle sticks, paint, and pom-poms.


We did end up getting outside for a while on Sunday morning and were able to get some more Halloween decorations out. We did a small graveyard in the front yard. Our fingers are crossed they make it to Halloween night without blowing away!


We have another busy week ahead with field trips for Jonathan, doctors appointments, and parent-teacher conferences.

Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

Halloween Garlands

I love a good garland! I think it instantly adds a festive feel to any room. The best part about garlands is that you can make them yourself with only needing a few items (I used yarn, twine, cardboard for the size of the pom-poms, and scissors). It can be a great activity that you do by yourself, with your kiddos, friends, and family. Nine months out of the year our mantel will have some sort of garland on it. Last year I made pom- poms and I have started to make some again this year. I found a tutorial on Pinterest (which there are so many good ones just search How to make Pom Pom garlands). The boys love to make the pom-poms too. They don’t make it to the twine, but they end up playing catch with them or turning them into a hockey puck, fun entertainment for all! If you don’t have time to make garlands here are my current favorites for Halloween. Trick or Treat garland, Happy Halloween garland, and my favorite this felt garland.


I added the garland to Jordan’s book display below. Another really fun garland to make is here. I made this one with my mom a few years ago. It can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

DSCN0196 (2)

Hope you are having a wonderful October so far!!!

Weekend Overview

Jonathan’s Fall Break is over and we are back to the grind with bedtimes, early mornings, and routines. We had such an amazing week with him at home that we were not ready for it all to end. However, their Mimi and Great Grandma came up for a visit which was the perfect way to end our weekend. We got to celebrate their Mimi’s birthday, eat cake, and hang out with loved ones.


We had chilly temperatures and rain a few days in a row last week. It had me feeling all the Fall feels! It is so beautiful after it rains and our sky was the prettiest light pink. The air was cool, clean, and fresh.


We did a little crafting while we had company. We attempted to make mummy faces out of paper plates, googly eyes, and yarn. They turned out very cute and Jordan was obsessed with the yarn. He kept saying he needed more and more!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Fall Bucket List / 2018

Jonathan is on Fall Break this week which we are all extremely happy about. It will be a much needed time to relax and enjoy having all three kiddos together without having to do the drop offs, pickups, and making lunches! With that said I thought it would be a great time to document our Fall Bucket List and get some things planned and checked off. I love to hear what the boys want to put on their Bucket list and it always snowballs into many lists! Below is what’s going on this Fall.

Watch spooky Halloween movies.

Make caramel apples.

Sleep in the tent (this has been crossed off many times so far).

Carve and paint pumpkins.

Decorate the inside of the house with spider webs, pumpkins, and garlands.

Go to a pumpkin patch.

Make pumpkin soup and a homemade apple pie.

Go on an adventure walk collecting as many Fall items as possible.

Drink hot cocoa and light our fireplace.

Make a festive breakfast.

Make Halloween crafts.


Halloween countdown Calendar old from Pottery Barn Kids similar here / Bats similar here / Candle

A few of these things we have already crossed off, but we’re excited for the things we still get to do. I love making these lists with the kiddos because it is a great way to look ahead for fun things to do with one another and it helps get us through the tough school/work weeks!

What is on your Fall Bucket List this year?

Fall Books

The kiddos and I love to read seasonal books together. Fall books are so much fun because we can go outside and see all the Fall characteristics that we read about in our Fall library. We love to see the leaves changing colors and take in the crisp autumn air. Fall mixed up is such a fun and interactive book. Below are our current favorites.


Leaf Man / Fall Mixed Up

Pumpkin Soup/ In the Middle of Fall / Fall

The kiddos love to participate in decorating for the upcoming seasons and we always start with their bookshelves. We also add twinkle lights or a fun festive garland somewhere in their room. However, there is nothing better than a great book to bring everyone together after a long day/week.

What are your kiddos favorite Fall books?

Hello, October

October is finally here and we are all very excited about that. It’s no secret we love Halloween and each year we make a haunted house for Halloween night in our garage. It’s so much work, but lots of fun! We have decorations out that my husband will be fixing or modifying even in July so Halloween is never fully put away in our household. Jasmine is so funny when she sees a decoration she immediately yells, “Boo!” and claps her hands to try to activate and turn on the decoration. Let’s just say we are hearing a lot of Boo’s lately.

Jonathan is on Fall Break this week so we had festive pancakes for breakfast to celebrate October 1st! The kiddos love pancakes, but loved the decorations more.We plan on doing some Halloween crafting, playing outside, and hoping to get to a pumpkin patch this week. Also, haircuts, flu shots, and a few other doctor appointments are on our agenda. Also, the boys have been sleeping in a tent their Mimi bought for them and have created the ultimate fort (which we plan to keep up all week as well).


The kiddos and I went and kicked some soccer balls at a field close to our house on Sunday. They love the open field to run around on. Seriously, it’s the best way to get some of that bottled up energy that builds in the house all out. They come home much calmer and ready to do sit down activities.


Placemats are old from Pottery Barn Kids similar here / Eeek plates old from Crate & Barrel similar here / Vampire Bite Book / Jasmine’s Leggings here

Happy October!!!