Hello, October

October is finally here and we are all very excited about that. It’s no secret we love Halloween and each year we make a haunted house for Halloween night in our garage. It’s so much work, but lots of fun! We have decorations out that my husband will be fixing or modifying even in July so Halloween is never fully put away in our household. Jasmine is so funny when she sees a decoration she immediately yells, “Boo!” and claps her hands to try to activate and turn on the decoration. Let’s just say we are hearing a lot of Boo’s lately.

Jonathan is on Fall Break this week so we had festive pancakes for breakfast to celebrate October 1st! The kiddos love pancakes, but loved the decorations more.We plan on doing some Halloween crafting, playing outside, and hoping to get to a pumpkin patch this week. Also, haircuts, flu shots, and a few other doctor appointments are on our agenda. Also, the boys have been sleeping in a tent their Mimi bought for them and have created the ultimate fort (which we plan to keep up all week as well).


The kiddos and I went and kicked some soccer balls at a field close to our house on Sunday. They love the open field to run around on. Seriously, it’s the best way to get some of that bottled up energy that builds in the house all out. They come home much calmer and ready to do sit down activities.


Placemats are old from Pottery Barn Kids similar here / Eeek plates old from Crate & Barrel similar here / Vampire Bite Book / Jasmine’s Leggings here

Happy October!!!

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