Halloween Garlands

I love a good garland! I think it instantly adds a festive feel to any room. The best part about garlands is that you can make them yourself with only needing a few items (I used yarn, twine, cardboard for the size of the pom-poms, and scissors). It can be a great activity that you do by yourself, with your kiddos, friends, and family. Nine months out of the year our mantel will have some sort of garland on it. Last year I made pom- poms and I have started to make some again this year. I found a tutorial on Pinterest (which there are so many good ones just search How to make Pom Pom garlands). The boys love to make the pom-poms too. They don’t make it to the twine, but they end up playing catch with them or turning them into a hockey puck, fun entertainment for all! If you don’t have time to make garlands here are my current favorites for Halloween. Trick or Treat garland, Happy Halloween garland, and my favorite this felt garland.


I added the garland to Jordan’s book display below. Another really fun garland to make is here. I made this one with my mom a few years ago. It can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

DSCN0196 (2)

Hope you are having a wonderful October so far!!!

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