Halloween Crossword Puzzle

We’re in full festive mode over here with Halloween only a week away! We have spiderwebs everywhere, pumpkins in every room, Halloween candy out, and our Haunted House is almost ready for Trick-or-Treaters!

With Jonathan having his normal school schedule disrupted this week with shortened days and as Holidays near it is very easy to get off course with school work and homework. I love to incorporate fun and festive, but educational activities when I can. We teamed up with Education.com and they provided us with this awesome Halloween themed crossword puzzle that you can print off here and answer key here. I like to laminate worksheets like this so we can do them again and again. If you don’t have a laminator you can stick the worksheet in a page protector so you can reuse it. Jonathan has really taken an interest in crosswords and finds them challenging and fun!

After Jonathan completed his crossword he asked his (almost four-year-old brother) the questions. I had some leftover Halloween stickers that we told Jordan the answers are all right here (minus a few since I didn’t have a sticker for a costume, etc.) and he got them all correct! It was a great way to incorporate Jordan into an activity making it age appropriate for him. They both had a great time!


Halloween is coming soon and this crossword puzzle is the perfect way to practice reading and writing Halloween words! Check out more fun at Education.com!

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