Fall Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately so we try to walk as much as possible. After we walked Jonathan to school on our walk back home I asked Jordan if he wanted to do a scavenger hunt. He asked, “An Easter egg hunt?” I explained it was similar to an Easter egg hunt and gave him the Fall Scavenger hunt paper to look at. I found it on Pinterest (there are so many great options, you can search or customize them to what you know you have in your neighborhood etc.) I printed off this one. I grabbed a brown paper bag before we left the house so he could put all of his goodies in there.

His bag was full in no time! He had trouble finding a few of the items, but he would remember quickly where there were pine trees in our neighborhood and say, “Oh, Mom we need to go this way to get a pinecone.” I was pretty impressed with his ability to remember where certain things were.

After Jordan collected all of his goodies and we made it home we wanted to soak up more of our gorgeous Fall weather. Jasmine and Jordan played on our front grass (since there is a Halloween explosion in our backyard) and picked up leaves. I told Jordan to gather as many leaves as possible so that we can press them and do a fun leaf craft later. The leaves are so vibrant right now that a leaf craft is definitely in order!


Scavenger hunts are such a fun activity! It gets everyone outdoors and looking at nature a bit closer.I hope my kiddos will remember to take in how beautiful our changing seasons are.

Happy Friday!!!

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