Happy 4th Birthday Jordan

We recently got to celebrate Jordan’s 4th Birthday. We just stayed at home and the night before his Birthday his big brother stayed up late with me to decorate the house. Jonathan made him a Happy Birthday sign that I hung up, we blew up balloons, and set his presents up so he could open them right away. I loved how Jonathan wanted to help and how he wanted to do something special for his little brother, it warms my heart and I hope that brotherhood lasts forever!

Jordan is so full of life and adventure right now. He absolutely loves his big brother and little sister. He is such a great helper and will run to Jasmine’s side if he hears her crying. He adores Jonathan and wants to do and be just like him. He is kind-hearted, caring, funny, and loves to have a good time. He really enjoys any arts and crafts that we do. He loves to go to the park and library. He says “me three” if he wants something that his brother asks for. He loves to dress up like Captain America or Iron Man and save the day. I could go on and on about this little guy. He really is so special and I am so lucky to be his Mom.


Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you so much.

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