Halloween 8.0

Halloween 8.0 was one for the books! We had such a fun Halloween night. This will be our 8th year creating a Haunted House for trick-or-treaters to walk through. My husband does such an amazing job and is really a one-man operation. I help out when I can, but he is the driving force. This year was clown theme and he did such a great job. We had different sections in our front yard (aliens, toxic zombies, etc), but the backyard was all clowns. Here is a video my husband took on Halloween night,

The kiddos were so excited to go trick or treating and I am always so excited to take them. I love getting them dressed and heading out the door with their sacks waiting to be filled. Below are pictures of our Haunted House and the kiddos.


We are still in a Halloween coma it feels like. Tons of clean up, Halloween candy still around, but it will slowly be put away and we will be counting down the days until next year’s Haunt!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

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