Hello, November

Wow, I am still trying to figure out where September and October went, anyone else??!! This time of year really can get away from you or at least it did from me. We had a very active month of October and it still has yet to slow down. I am always relieved once November hits because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas. The Holidays certainly come alive when you have little kiddos.

We have been neglecting to pick up our leaves because we are still knee deep in Halloween, but my husband purchased a leaf blower that he was pretty excited about using. He wasted no time and I thought an unnecessary purchase, but to my surprise, he was able to get to leaves I didn’t even know existed! So, all in all, I saw the advantage of it and my husband had a good time.

The boys waited for their Dad to get a pretty big pile and they were jumping and throwing leaves everywhere. Jasmine was a spectator at first, but quickly joined in on the fun! Jumping into leaves wasn’t on our Fall Bucket List this year, but it should definitely be a must. The sun was out, the air was crisp, and the glow and light at this time of year I could just marvel in. With the time change the other weekend it makes the morning an evening light perfection! I am still trying to adjust though, this time around has affected me a bit longer than past years. I’m so ready to put the kiddos to bed at like 7:00 and myself sometimes too. We will adjust I suppose.

This week includes more doctor and dentist appointments, haircuts, and hopefully, Halloween put to bed so we can start thinking and planning to make yummy pumpkin pies, turkey, and all the sides. I sure do love Thanksgiving, there is so much to be grateful for!!!


I hope you are enjoying November so far!

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