Weekend Overview

This past weekend started off with my husband and I replaced the garbage disposal that took us ALL day on Friday! We realized there was a leak under the kitchen sink so we dismantled the sink and after troubleshooting, we came to the conclusion we needed a new garbage disposal. Let me just say that is something I do not wish to do again for a LONG time!

So once I had a working sink and cleaned the kitchen I was feeling much better about heading into the weekend. I don’t know about you, but having a non-working sink and a hot mess in the kitchen makes everything feel off!

The boys found some pressed leaves we had placed in a book a few weeks prior and we decided to make a little leaf art out of them. They turned out so cute! All you need is leaves, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and Elmer’s glue. You can really get creative if you have other supplies on hand. Maybe some different colored noodles, sequences, and even sticks to make arms or legs. Really your preference but we kept it pretty simple.


We were able to get outside for a bit as well on Saturday. The weather was so gorgeous! I was cleaning up from Halloween (since we haven’t even started in the backyard), but we are supposed to get some rain over Thanksgiving so I wanted to put our outdoor chair cushions in storage etc. Jordan and Jasmine found dirt to play in and were filling a bucket up and dumping it out countless times. Jonathan started out on his scooter but ended gathering leaves in the backyard. Sunday, Jonathan had a soccer game and we ended our weekend just relaxing.


We will be prepping for Thanksgiving for the next few days, staying in pajamas, eating all the yummy comfort foods and enjoying this beautiful time of the year! Happy Thanksgiving week!!!

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