Christmas Cheer

Our Elf (Max) has returned, our tree is bright and sparkly, and the kiddos have all the Christmas spirit! Jordan is the most excited so far about Christmas. He will just randomly say, “Mom, I love Christmas time” throughout the day. It’s the sweetest! Christmas time is pure magic when you have small kiddos. They can’t wait each morning to go run downstairs to see what Max was up to the night before. So far he wrote them a message on some bananas to be good! He has been moving all over the place and was caught swinging from the ceiling fan this morning!

We have lots planned for this month. We will be baking and making lots of yummy treats, making gingerbread houses, driving around to go look at all the pretty Christmas lights, reading Christmas stories and drinking lots of hot cocoa with marshmallows! It really is the best time of the year.

The other weekend Jonathan’s school had a Holiday breakfast where you could meet Santa, craft, and eat breakfast. I took Jonathan and Jordan while Jasmine and Dad hung out at home. The boys were very excited to see Santa! However, we might end up making one more trip to see Santa because Jordan was puzzled at the fact that Santa didn’t ask him what he wanted for Christmas. I told him I think Santa was a bit nervous so later that day they wrote Santa a letter and put it next to Max so he could deliver their letter to Santa that night.


Jordan and Jasmine both love stickers and thankfully I had a few Christmas stickers on hand that I bought from Target a few weeks ago. Jasmine decided she wanted to decorate her hand once she was tired of putting them on paper. Jordan always surprises me with his creativity. He really puts a lot of thought into each project that he does and I love the outcome each time!


Jasmine’s headband / Kids Table / Snowman pillow old from Crate and Barrel similar here / Jordan and Jasmine’s slippers old from the Gap similar here

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and it’s filled with lots of Christmas cheer!!!

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