St. Patrick’s Day / 2019

I hope you had a festive St. Patrick’s Day! We had a pretty low key weekend. Everyone has a cold so we are trying to get ourselves healthy so we can enjoy the sun being out that we have been desperately waiting for!

Over the weekend we made some happy cakes (Jordan likes to refer to cupcakes as) and added a few marshmallows just for kicks! Earlier in the week, I made the littles a healthy, St. Patrick Day inspired snack. I find that they will eat healthier snacks without all the negotiating and I don’t want to eat that when I present it in a fun way for them. Something so easy as cutting the cucumbers into shamrocks (which was slightly challenging I found, but hey, A for effort right?!).


Jonathan had a soccer free weekend which came at the right time since as I mentioned before we have all been coughing, running noses, and having sore throats. Having sick kiddos is the absolute worst! Jasmine was a mess, but she cleaned up nicely for a few pictures. I also, made corned beef, potatoes, and carrots to celebrate the luck of the Irish!


Jordan and Jasmine’s shirt here/ Jasmines’s headband sold out from Target but similar here / Jonathan’s shirt here

I hope you are enjoying the warm sun and cheers to this week for officially being Spring!

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