Easter Weekend 2019

Happy Easter!!! We had such a fun Easter weekend this year. It was filled with dyeing eggs, playing outside, soccer, and creating lasting memories. Each year the kids seem to love the traditions we have created more and more which makes my heart so full. They had so much fun dyeing the eggs. They took turns rotating the eggs in the dye and pouring in the water. Their little hands were covered in dye, but they didn’t care. Jonathan had a soccer game on Saturday which they won so that was a nice way to start the weekend. The weather was a little chilly on Saturday, but it is slowly starting to feel like Spring and we couldn’t be happier!

Sunday morning the kiddos were up bright and early and Jordan was so excited to see if the Easter bunny came. This year was bittersweet because we finally had “the talk” with Jonathan that the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, and Santa is Mom/Dad. He was getting way to curious and asking a lot of questions that we felt he was of age to know the truth. He has taken the responsibility of keeping the “traditions” alive for his little brother and sister very seriously. Motherhood is full of highs and lows and this was a tough one for me because it really brought to light how old Jonathan is and how much I miss him being a little toddler. However, he loves to give me input now as to what should go in their Easter baskets and what “Santa” should leave under the tree next year! He is so clever.

The kiddos got lots of candy, outdoor toys, puzzles, and hair clips for Jazzy in their baskets. They played all morning, afternoon, and into the evening with their goodies. We finished the weekend together eating a ham (which has become the boys’ favorite meal), potatoes, and carrots. We watched hockey and Game of Thrones (which we are loving the final season so far) and went to bed feeling so blessed.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Xo

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