Fall Colors

We’ve had some beautiful Fall-ish September days here so far. The weather has been a bit extreme with either an 89-degree day or a high of 56 with rain, but both have been pleasantly nice. September and October are two of my favorite months of the year. I am not one that craves everything pumpkin spice, but I am that one that has to have pumpkins immediately upon them hitting the stores. I love to put them inside, outside, and well let’s just say in every room is a safe description.

Another reason I am obsessed with fall is all the warm, cozy colors all around. The leaves are first and for most, but cozy flannels and blankets are a must. I am also loving all these fall nail polish colors for this season. I don’t normally keep my nails painted, but I just love these warm tones paired with a cozy sweater and boots, yes, please!

I have been drinking a cup of warm chai tea in the afternoon on the cooler days and scanning through my favorite month of the Living magazine of the year. Martha knows how to do Halloween and I am all in. I love to look through her older magazines for fall inspiration.


We have soccer games this week, flu shots, and plan on draining our pool. Only five more days until fall officially, yay!!! Have a great Wednesday!

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