Fall is Here!

Happy Fall! I am beyond excited that everything fall-related is acceptable now since fall is officially here! A little recap of our weekend, which was pretty busy. My best friend came to visit and the kiddos were so happy and of course, we had soccer. Also, our pool is completely drained and put away. That is always such a time-consuming task so it’s nice that it’s done.

Jasmine and I dropped the boys off at school and came home and made homemade playdough. Our playdough supply needed a boost so I thought it would be fun to make fall colored and scented playdough. I always use this recipe, but this time I added  (powder food coloring which I added it to the water so we didn’t have to stain our hands, not sure why I never thought of that before, ha) pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon so our playdough would smell just as yummy as it looks. Jordan will be so happy when he comes home that he gets to play with fresh playdough. Playdough is a big hit around here. There are so many great recipes that you can find one that suits your preference.



I hope you are enjoying the first few days of fall! I will share our fall books and bucket list later this week. Who is watching This is Us tonight???!!!

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