Pumpkin Carving

We have had the most beautiful cotton candy sunsets lately. It just heightens how beautiful the different colored leaves are and captures all of the Fall feels. I am so appreciative of our seasons!

So we finally carved our pumpkins (well almost all of them) and each year as the kiddos are getting older they get more involved in traditions that we have created. Jonathan dug right in and was not at all afraid to get his hands messy. Jordan, on the other hand, was reaching for any utensils that I had in the kitchen so he wouldn’t touch anything. He also was not a fan of the smell. Jasmine was still not feeling well and was a quiet bystander.

I am such a Martha Stewart fan and she is the Queen of Holidays so I was inspired by these ideas and knew I wanted to try to recreate her vision. All in all, I think we did a pretty good job! The kids had a blast and I did too. We have a few untouched pumpkins that the kids might paint before Halloween or who knows I still am dying to try her witch pumpkins.


Four more days until Halloween! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

One Week until Halloween

Seven days until Halloween, woohoo!!! We are excited that one of our favorite nights of the year is so close. We still have tons of work to complete to get our Haunted garage all set up, but my husband is hands down the best guy for the job. He loves creating the Haunted garage and it is awesome to see all his hard work appreciated by our community on trick-or-treat night.

So just a recap on what has been happening this last week. We have literally been in a whirlwind of  teacher-parent conferences, finishing outdoor soccer, pizza parties, birthday parties, Jonathan getting out early all week from school, overcoming the dreaded cold/flu season that has smacked us all in the face (I totally blame Jordan’s daycare, ha) and still putting the finishing touches on all the Halloween decorating before Halloween night. Overall we have been extremely busy and time is flying by. I love October so much, but with all the busyness happening it is making this month go way too quickly. We planned on carving pumpkins last weekend but ran out of time. So this weekend we are planning to carve. I have some cool ideas that I want to try, stay tuned.


Last Friday, Jordan talked me into making more Halloween colored homemade playdough. They love it so much and honestly, it is really easy to make, but in return, you do create a giant mess to clean up. However, the hours of imaginary play that comes from the giant mess is worth it. We have to pick our battles right?!


So I am off to pick up Jonathan from school then Jordan from daycare shortly after. Jonathan is heading to a birthday party this evening at a local pumpkin patch and gets to try paintball zombies, he is overly excited! Jasmine is recovering still from being the last one to catch the colds that the boys had. So we plan on staying cozy and watching some Halloween shows.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Halloween Crafts

Jonathan returned to school today and I always miss him so much when his breaks come to an end. So the littles and I decided we had to do something fun! So once the kiddos and I dropped him off at school we came home and got right to work. Jordan still enjoys doing crafts and he is my inspiration. I love how he is so creative and willing to try new things, even if they don’t work out as he planned. We made ghosts using cotton balls, skeleton hands out of q-tips, painted pumpkins and made tiny ghosts out of coffee filters and dum-dums. We made a huge mess and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

These types of days are the best. The kiddos are stimulated, helpful and eager to do more. With Halloween approaching and so many fun and festive things to do crafting will always be one of my favorite activities to do with the kids. There are so many really easy and fun ideas if you search Pinterest that I am sure you will come across something that will inspire you and your little one to dive into.


I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Xo

Festive Halloween Treats

Happy Friday!!! With Jonathan being home all week since it was his school’s fall break I had some extra time to make the kiddos a festive breakfast and treats throughout this past week. Putting a little extra time (if you have it) by throwing some stickers on their table, using a washable marker to make a jack-o-lantern on their orange juice glass or putting a fake spider next to their lunch are just a few fun and festive ways to get all the Halloween feels. The kiddos love it when they come downstairs and see a spooky shaped pancake for breakfast. I bought these pancake molds from Williams Sonoma a few years back (they are sold out currently), but you can find similar ones here. It took me many attempts to come close to getting a decent mold (the trick that worked for me is don’t fill the mold so full with your pancake mix and use plenty nonstick spray). DSCN3051DSCN3049

Another really easy and fun treat is peel cuties and cut a small piece of celery or in my case, I used a pretzel stick for the cutie/pumpkin stem. Also, turning bananas into ghosts and using small chocolate chips for their eyes or you can make different faces. Whatever speaks to you.  Another yummy seasonal snack that we love is cutting up slices of apples and melting caramel over them. You can add chocolate chips or small nuts (if your little one is not allergic). I notice when I am taking pictures the little one’s hands are always sneaking in the picture.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Overview

Over this last weekend, Jonathan was recovering from a cold. I had to pick him up early from school on Friday so his Fall Break started on the wrong foot. However, he bounced back pretty quickly on Saturday which I was very happy about. I don’t know about you, but when your kiddos aren’t feeling well no matter how old they are I just want to scoop them up and hold them.

Saturday we decorated our front yard, graveyard theme. In our area, we get pretty high winds so we have to secure everything we put out so the wind doesn’t sail it away. We secured the tombstones by gluing PVC pipes to the back of the tombstones (using gorilla glue) you first need to wipe the back of the tombstones with a damp cloth so that the glue is on a clean surface. Before we glued though we cut and spray painted the PVC pipes (grey) so that they would blend in with the tombstones hiding the obvious white color. The PVC pipes dried quickly and then we proceeded with the gluing phase. For a permanent hold, the glue needs to dry for 24 hours. We placed a piece of wood and used a brick to put pressure. The next day we hammered in 12in rebars in the grass (2 of ) and placed the tombstones through the PVC pipes over the rebar. This will sustain the high winds and allow us to have a graveyard display throughout October. Hopefully, this is helpful if you live in a region that tends to be windy.


Have a wonderful week!

Hello October

Hello October! I am so excited that October is here. We have been starting to set up our haunted garage and it is going to be so spooky this year! It is so much work, but come Halloween night we always have the best time.

Our October is going to be filled with lots of festive activities. We plan on going to the pumpkin patch, making a homemade apple pie, jumping in piles of leaves, and of course, carving pumpkins. Also, Jordan turns 5 at the end of the month. These are just a few of the things we have on our fall bucket list. Jonathan will start his fall break next week so we plan on tackling a few of these activities then. These are all the things that make October so fun and festive!

Another fall favorite I am going to try to do is make a new soup recipe every Sunday. Sundays are usually pretty low key for us and I love to try to incorporate new meals for the family. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest and I have this Soup Bowl book which has some great recipes. This weekend I am going to try to make either a traditional pumpkin soup or this Indian pumpkin butter chickpeas. I know it’s not a soup, but looks delicious!



Kids Pajamas / Jasmine’s cat ear headband (similar here)

I hope you are enjoying the first few days of October!