Festive Halloween Treats

Happy Friday!!! With Jonathan being home all week since it was his school’s fall break I had some extra time to make the kiddos a festive breakfast and treats throughout this past week. Putting a little extra time (if you have it) by throwing some stickers on their table, using a washable marker to make a jack-o-lantern on their orange juice glass or putting a fake spider next to their lunch are just a few fun and festive ways to get all the Halloween feels. The kiddos love it when they come downstairs and see a spooky shaped pancake for breakfast. I bought these pancake molds from Williams Sonoma a few years back (they are sold out currently), but you can find similar ones here. It took me many attempts to come close to getting a decent mold (the trick that worked for me is don’t fill the mold so full with your pancake mix and use plenty nonstick spray). DSCN3051DSCN3049

Another really easy and fun treat is peel cuties and cut a small piece of celery or in my case, I used a pretzel stick for the cutie/pumpkin stem. Also, turning bananas into ghosts and using small chocolate chips for their eyes or you can make different faces. Whatever speaks to you.  Another yummy seasonal snack that we love is cutting up slices of apples and melting caramel over them. You can add chocolate chips or small nuts (if your little one is not allergic). I notice when I am taking pictures the little one’s hands are always sneaking in the picture.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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