One Week until Halloween

Seven days until Halloween, woohoo!!! We are excited that one of our favorite nights of the year is so close. We still have tons of work to complete to get our Haunted garage all set up, but my husband is hands down the best guy for the job. He loves creating the Haunted garage and it is awesome to see all his hard work appreciated by our community on trick-or-treat night.

So just a recap on what has been happening this last week. We have literally been in a whirlwind of  teacher-parent conferences, finishing outdoor soccer, pizza parties, birthday parties, Jonathan getting out early all week from school, overcoming the dreaded cold/flu season that has smacked us all in the face (I totally blame Jordan’s daycare, ha) and still putting the finishing touches on all the Halloween decorating before Halloween night. Overall we have been extremely busy and time is flying by. I love October so much, but with all the busyness happening it is making this month go way too quickly. We planned on carving pumpkins last weekend but ran out of time. So this weekend we are planning to carve. I have some cool ideas that I want to try, stay tuned.


Last Friday, Jordan talked me into making more Halloween colored homemade playdough. They love it so much and honestly, it is really easy to make, but in return, you do create a giant mess to clean up. However, the hours of imaginary play that comes from the giant mess is worth it. We have to pick our battles right?!


So I am off to pick up Jonathan from school then Jordan from daycare shortly after. Jonathan is heading to a birthday party this evening at a local pumpkin patch and gets to try paintball zombies, he is overly excited! Jasmine is recovering still from being the last one to catch the colds that the boys had. So we plan on staying cozy and watching some Halloween shows.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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