Valentine’s Week

Hello friends! It’s Valentine’s this week so we are making heart-shaped everything, pulling out the heart garland, completing Valentines’s boxes for school and making sure to spread all the love with one another. With life being filled with highs and lows and so much busyness I love Valentine’s day as a reminder to grab your loved ones and hold them tight and tell them how much you love them. Spreading love, smiling at strangers, holding the door for someone, and just doing small acts of kindness are a few things that we are doing to make this week extra special. In the end, all we need is love!


So I recently jumped on the essential oil train and am so glad that I did. They have really made a difference in the sleep support that I was looking for with the kiddos. I have also, made some really fun roller blends (immune support, relaxation blend, and glow serums are just to name a few). Also, I have ditched all my candles and am diffusing oils instead. It has been so nice to play around with different scents. I am still dipping my toes in the oil world, but am loving the endless possibilities. Below is a linen spray I made using 10 drops peace and calming and 5 drops of lavender essential oil, a splash of witch hazel, and topped off with water. I spray this on the kiddos blankets, pillows, and sheets before bed. It is so dreamy and I’m obsessed so far.

DSCN3632DSCN3649DSCN3634I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! XOXO


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