Easter Weekend

Hello friends! How is everyone doing with everything? If I am being honest my emotional state fluctuates quite a bit throughout the day. This “new normal” is a bit overwhelming at times. I absolutely love having my kids home all the time, but they miss their schools, teachers, and friends. Jonathan is heading into his third week of distance learning. He has zoom calls every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with his entire class and teacher. His school has been very supportive and resourceful during this time. Also, my husband is in the healthcare field and every time he leaves for work I feel he is going to war to some degree. I am so appreciative of him along with all the other healthcare workers, grocery store workers, delivery people and people who are literally keeping us afloat in these uncertain times. They are the true MVP’s and I am beyond grateful for them all!

So with Easter this weekend we are trying to be as festive as possible. We made cupcakes the other day and this year the kids painted eggs. We also put together some Easter baskets for a few of our neighbors that we will leave outside their door on Easter morning. The other evening we had some outside chalk and hand soap left outside our front door and that small act of kindness was so thoughtful that we wanted to return the feeling. The little things will go along way right now and we are trying to do our part.

On another note we have been keeping busy by doing puzzles, playing games, and watching movies. I have also been reading. I can’t wait to start The Giver of Stars. We are looking forward to warm weather so we can be outside more. We have had winter like weather for these past three weeks so we are craving sunshine!

All in all we are taking it day by day and praying for the best.


Kids shirts /The Giver of Stars by Jo Jo Moyes

Remember to give yourself grace during this time and that we are all in this together! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!! Xoxo

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