A Taste of Summer

Hello Friends! I hope you all are doing well. I am not sure about you, but I feel so much better when the weather is warm, the days are long, and we get to be outside more than we are inside. We have had a bit of a heatwave the past few days which has been great for the kiddos getting to swim finally. Well, I should say the boys getting to swim, the water is still to cold for Jasmine. She went all-in on the first day and did a giant jump in the pool and popped up saying “too cold” and was out of the pool faster than she jumped in! She is perfectly content though wrapped in a towel and is the perfect ball girl. Anytime one of the boys throws a toy or beach ball out of the pool Jasmine is right there to toss it back to them.


Kids Flamingo float / Jasmine’s Sun Hat (sold out but similar here )

We plan on doing lots of swimming this weekend and eating S’mores! I hope you all are staying safe and have a wonderful weekend! Xo

Summer Inspiration

We are getting ready to wrap up Jonathan’s school year, he only has two more weeks of distance learning and warm weather is upon us, 80 degrees by the end of this week so I feel that Summer is definitely in reach. Even in the midst of the “new normal”, I am still optimistic that we can create an amazing, fun-filled Summer here at home. The kiddos overall have been amazing during this time. They understand that we can’t go to places and have people over. They sure do amaze me with their resilience which I admire greatly. I know they are missing out on things that they enjoy (soccer camps, friends coming over, going to fun places around our city) so its operation, try to make it the best Summer possible! I hope the kid’s memory of this strange time will just be remembered of all the fun things we did together. No matter the location just being together, supporting one another, and what’s the saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade so lemonade we shall make!

One thing I love to do for inspiration is to look through saved magazines for new, refreshing meal ideas. Martha has always been my go-to. The theme for our Summer menu will be bbq everything! I also like Chrissy Teigen and got the mini pizza on English muffins from her. I added small tomatoes and Parmesan cheese on mine, but the kids love pizza so any new ways to present pizza to them is a total win! And her advice on toasting the English muffins before adding the toppings is a must! Game changer on the crispiness of the muffin.


The kids love to paint and do crafts so there has been lots of art inspiration happening and we will continue the art projects outside throughout the Summer. When Jonathan is on his class zoom calls, Jasmine is normally painting at the table, and Jordan has been practicing his sight words and reading these Bob books! He is doing so well and we are so proud of him. I am currently reading The Scent Keeper and it is so good! What’s on your reading Summer list this year?


I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xo

Getting Outside

Hi there! I hope you all are doing well.  I don’t know about you, but we are patiently waiting for warm Summer weather, but instead, mother nature has given us a few nice days here and there. Regardless of the weather, the kids and I have been walking around our neighborhood almost daily and we got caught in the rain the other day which was surprisingly fun! I really try to get the kids out of the house at least once a day. It seems to improve everyone’s mood. We will walk different routes to keep it interesting and new.


Another fun thing the boys have been intrigued in is behind our house is what I refer to as “the wilderness”. It has lots of sagebrush, larger trees, and even a trail that we walk up during our walks. They love to pretend they are preparing for battle. I keep a walkie talkie and the boys have one and they give me status reports on what is happening. They have to stay close to the fence and only can venture out when I am standing where I can see them. I love their imaginary play and anytime we can get outside means less iPad and tv time (which I have to admit with the quarantining it seems like all the rules went out the window on monitoring their tv time). However, once the warm weather hits I’m confident we will be splashing around the pool, playing basketball, and hanging outside all day!


Have you developed any new routines or activities lately? I hope you have a wonderful week! Xo

Weekend Overview

Hello friends! How is everyone doing? These are crazy times, but we have tried to maintain some normalcy by continuing to do things that we would normally do during this time of year. We planted some flowers the other weekend and got the pool up which was a great deal of work, but well worth it. The kiddos haven’t swum yet because it’s just a bit too chilly still. Our backyard is slowly coming together and I’m so happy about it so the kids can have a great time getting their energy out and it’s the only place we will be going for a while.

We have had our shares of ups and downs through all of this quarantine time. From struggling with distance learning school, bad haircuts (but good intentions), and just the new reality of the current situation. Our region is slowly starting to open up and honestly I have mixed feelings about it. My heart goes out to people who have been out of work and struggling to just eat their next meal. I am hopeful though that with proper precautions that we can slowly get things moving again, but in a much different way. It’s so tricky right now to navigate certain situations but I do think it’s possible when things have been feeling impossible lately. Everything just needs a bit more thought, attention, love, kindness, respect, and understanding.


With the warmer weather approaching it makes me very excited for all the yummy fruit and vegetables that will be in season. Summer fruit is so refreshing and I can’t wait to eat cold, sweet watermelon on our hot summer days. What’s your favorite Summer fruit or vegetable?


Every Summer the kids love to blow bubbles in the yard so I ordered these little bubble makers which are perfect and work pretty well for the price. Jasmine loves bubbles and it’s a great activity for her outside. The boys have no problem jumping right in with her and joining the fun! I foresee lots of bubbles and bbq’s this Summer!


I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and staying safe and healthy with your families! Also, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! Xo