Weekend Overview

Hello friends! How is everyone doing? These are crazy times, but we have tried to maintain some normalcy by continuing to do things that we would normally do during this time of year. We planted some flowers the other weekend and got the pool up which was a great deal of work, but well worth it. The kiddos haven’t swum yet because it’s just a bit too chilly still. Our backyard is slowly coming together and I’m so happy about it so the kids can have a great time getting their energy out and it’s the only place we will be going for a while.

We have had our shares of ups and downs through all of this quarantine time. From struggling with distance learning school, bad haircuts (but good intentions), and just the new reality of the current situation. Our region is slowly starting to open up and honestly I have mixed feelings about it. My heart goes out to people who have been out of work and struggling to just eat their next meal. I am hopeful though that with proper precautions that we can slowly get things moving again, but in a much different way. It’s so tricky right now to navigate certain situations but I do think it’s possible when things have been feeling impossible lately. Everything just needs a bit more thought, attention, love, kindness, respect, and understanding.


With the warmer weather approaching it makes me very excited for all the yummy fruit and vegetables that will be in season. Summer fruit is so refreshing and I can’t wait to eat cold, sweet watermelon on our hot summer days. What’s your favorite Summer fruit or vegetable?


Every Summer the kids love to blow bubbles in the yard so I ordered these little bubble makers which are perfect and work pretty well for the price. Jasmine loves bubbles and it’s a great activity for her outside. The boys have no problem jumping right in with her and joining the fun! I foresee lots of bubbles and bbq’s this Summer!


I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and staying safe and healthy with your families! Also, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! Xo

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