Summer Days

The boys have officially gone back to school and our Summer days are wrapping up (updated post will be coming soon on back to school). With the kiddos being at home for almost six months straight it seems like we have been on Summer break since Spring break, but reflecting on the past six months it seems like it flew by. It is a strange concept of time to reflect upon. Anyways, we are savoring the last bit of Summer and hanging out in the backyard a little longer each evening before the warm evenings turn to cool, crisp fall nights (which I am secretly waiting for).

The kiddos jumped rope daily (which we still plan on learning to double-dutch), swam, rode bikes, made countless forts, built epic Lego battles, and ate tons of ice cream cones this summer. Even though we didn’t get to go on any awesome vacations we had a great time at home. I will cherish this time forever and the Summer of 2020 will be filed under the strangest Summer EVER!


I hope you have a wonderful week! XO

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