Weekend Overview

Happy Monday, friends! We had a quiet weekend filled with yummy food. We ate festive mini pumpkin waffles for breakfast, using this little mini waffle maker. We made an apple pie that we ate throughout the weekend and honestly just lounged around. It was smoky on Saturday but cleared by the evening.

Sunday, we did get outside and blow off some built-up energy. The weather is so beautiful right now. It was a bit cooler on Sunday giving, it a real Fall feeling with leaves starting to fall from our trees. It’s very nice to just sit outside when there is a slight cool breeze and listen to the leaves rustling, it’s so peaceful.

This week consists of getting flu shots for the kiddos, organizing a few areas of our house, and its the last week of school for the boys before Fall break next week. Hopefully, planning to take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch in our area over their Fall break (fingers crossed there is one that will be open).

Apple Pie Filling / Kitchen Towels / Jasmine’s Vest and Candy Corn long sleeve shirt

I hope you had a great weekend! XO

Fall Friday

Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a great week. Today marks the boys’ second full week of being able to go to school all five days without any air quality cancellations etc. We are so thankful and blessed that our skies are blue and clear. However, still praying for everyone who has been directly affected by the fires here on the West Coast. It has been truly devastating the amount of loss that has happened. We are very thankful for the hardworking firefighters during this time.

We are having the most amazing weather, every opportunity to be outside we take it. We have been going to the soccer field by our house and letting the kids run around in the evenings, walking the boys to school, and spending plenty of time in our backyard. This time of year is so nice to be out in. I hope it lasts all through the end of September and all of October. Also, how is it already October next week??!!!

Well, Jasmine and I have prepared a whole chicken for dinner this evening, possibly an apple pie (not homemade, but I think a close runner up, I will keep you posted on how it turns out and what filling I used). So we are ready for the weekend and plan on hanging outside as much as possible.

Jasmine’s Fall things Long Sleeve t-shirt / Apples, Hayrides, and Pumpkin Hanging Wall Sign

I hope you have an amazing weekend! XO

Fall in Love

Happy Fall friends! I received my favorite issue of Martha’s Living magazine a few days ago in the mail and have been flipping through her Fall inspirations over and over. Her magazines always are motivating to me to make yummy Fall recipes or try a new way to decorate with pumpkins. Also, before flipping through my favorite magazine I love to create a delicious Fall bomb scent to put in the diffuser and create the dreamiest Fall scents EVER. My favorite right now is cinnamon bark, nutmeg, clove, ginger, and orange. I put a few drops of each and enjoy!

I am currently reading Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic. It has been on my reading list for a while and it has such a Fall vibe that I thought it was in order. I am almost done with it so will be looking for a few good Fall reads. What are your favorite books to read in the Fall? I think I might read a thriller next, maybe Ruth Ware’s newest.

Since today is officially Fall it was a must to do some crafting. Jasmine and I walked the boys to school today and strolled back home and got started. She loves to paint and is getting pretty good with her coloring. There is a nice breeze in the air today so we’re going to head outside and gather a few leaves for our next craft.

Cheers to it being officially Fall!!! XO

Changing Colors

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was filled with blue skies, a lot of outside time, and decorating with pumpkins. It is the small things. The boys had distance learning all last week and we could only go outside for necessary activities because it was so smoky. So the minute we saw the smoke clear we put our shoes on and couldn’t get out the door quick enough. I can’t tell you how much we needed to get out of the house and take in the fresh air. Truly nothing better.

With Fall officially hitting the calendar this week I always feel Fall starts the minute I get my hands on a few pumpkins. Also, our mums are starting to bloom which makes me so happy. I’m just hoping they survive Jasmine. She loves to pick all the flowers off.

We packed our pool away this weekend and even though it is always sad to put it away the changing of seasons feels nice.

I hope you have a festive Fall week my friends! XO

Weekend Overview

The kiddos ended up having distance learning on Friday so our weekend kicked off slightly earlier than if they went in-person. The boys are both done with school around 2:30 when they have distance learning days (which has not gotten any easier on any of us so far). The smoke in our area has caused us to have to stay inside all weekend and is the reason why the kiddos are not able to go to school. Being stuck inside with three active kiddos gets challenging to say the least.

We decided to kick off our Fall baking season with some yummy cupcakes with sprinkles. The kiddos love to sneak sprinkles or swipe some frosting, hence their little hands in almost every picture!

We also decided it was time to gather all of our Fall books. We read books, ate cupcakes, and the kiddos puzzled with this creative shape puzzle that got delivered Saturday evening when we all needed a fresh activity. The kiddos sat at the kitchen table and played with this puzzle while we watched hockey for a few hours.

Fall Books

In the Middle of Fall / Pumpkin Pie / Because of an Acorn / How Big Could your Pumpkin Grow? / Too Many Pumpkins

I hope you have a great week! XO

September, September

Happy September friends! I can’t believe we are in September to be completely honest. We have been navigating through the start of school and seasons changing. The kiddos completed their first full week of school last week. We have had unhealthy air quality on and off due to fires that are in our area so school has been canceled when the air quality is in the unhealthy range. When that occurs our district will make it a full distance learning day. Let me tell you this is not an easy thing to execute. Jonathan will be on several zoom calls throughout the day, Jordan’s teacher will send an assignment email with things for us to complete and then he will jump on a short zoom meeting in the afternoon to listen to a story read by his teacher, etc. I am running up and down the stairs helping Jonathan occasionally, assisting Jordan, and trying to take care of Jasmine and keep her somewhat quiet so the boys can complete their work. Overall it is a struggle, but we will make it through.

One thing that is so important for me when the boys have distance learning days is to have activities prepared for Jasmine. She loves to paint, glue, play with playdough, and sort noodles just to name a few of our go-to activities. With Fall approaching (which we had a high of 75 yesterday and felt all the Fall vibes) there are so many fun crafts to do. Collecting leaves, pine-cones, and painting them or placing the leaves into books so that you can make a pretty picture once they have been pressed. Also, Pinterest is a great resource to get activities.

Awesome Autumn Book / Pumpkin Garland old from target (similar here)

We are very excited for Fall and can’t wait to get to wear cozy sweatshirts, drink apple cider, pick out pumpkins to decorate our porch, and watch all the Fall/Halloween movies! I hope you have the best week! XO