September, September

Happy September friends! I can’t believe we are in September to be completely honest. We have been navigating through the start of school and seasons changing. The kiddos completed their first full week of school last week. We have had unhealthy air quality on and off due to fires that are in our area so school has been canceled when the air quality is in the unhealthy range. When that occurs our district will make it a full distance learning day. Let me tell you this is not an easy thing to execute. Jonathan will be on several zoom calls throughout the day, Jordan’s teacher will send an assignment email with things for us to complete and then he will jump on a short zoom meeting in the afternoon to listen to a story read by his teacher, etc. I am running up and down the stairs helping Jonathan occasionally, assisting Jordan, and trying to take care of Jasmine and keep her somewhat quiet so the boys can complete their work. Overall it is a struggle, but we will make it through.

One thing that is so important for me when the boys have distance learning days is to have activities prepared for Jasmine. She loves to paint, glue, play with playdough, and sort noodles just to name a few of our go-to activities. With Fall approaching (which we had a high of 75 yesterday and felt all the Fall vibes) there are so many fun crafts to do. Collecting leaves, pine-cones, and painting them or placing the leaves into books so that you can make a pretty picture once they have been pressed. Also, Pinterest is a great resource to get activities.

Awesome Autumn Book / Pumpkin Garland old from target (similar here)

We are very excited for Fall and can’t wait to get to wear cozy sweatshirts, drink apple cider, pick out pumpkins to decorate our porch, and watch all the Fall/Halloween movies! I hope you have the best week! XO

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