Fall in Love

Happy Fall friends! I received my favorite issue of Martha’s Living magazine a few days ago in the mail and have been flipping through her Fall inspirations over and over. Her magazines always are motivating to me to make yummy Fall recipes or try a new way to decorate with pumpkins. Also, before flipping through my favorite magazine I love to create a delicious Fall bomb scent to put in the diffuser and create the dreamiest Fall scents EVER. My favorite right now is cinnamon bark, nutmeg, clove, ginger, and orange. I put a few drops of each and enjoy!

I am currently reading Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic. It has been on my reading list for a while and it has such a Fall vibe that I thought it was in order. I am almost done with it so will be looking for a few good Fall reads. What are your favorite books to read in the Fall? I think I might read a thriller next, maybe Ruth Ware’s newest.

Since today is officially Fall it was a must to do some crafting. Jasmine and I walked the boys to school today and strolled back home and got started. She loves to paint and is getting pretty good with her coloring. There is a nice breeze in the air today so we’re going to head outside and gather a few leaves for our next craft.

Cheers to it being officially Fall!!! XO

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