Weekend Overview

Happy Monday, friends! We had a quiet weekend filled with yummy food. We ate festive mini pumpkin waffles for breakfast, using this little mini waffle maker. We made an apple pie that we ate throughout the weekend and honestly just lounged around. It was smoky on Saturday but cleared by the evening.

Sunday, we did get outside and blow off some built-up energy. The weather is so beautiful right now. It was a bit cooler on Sunday giving, it a real Fall feeling with leaves starting to fall from our trees. It’s very nice to just sit outside when there is a slight cool breeze and listen to the leaves rustling, it’s so peaceful.

This week consists of getting flu shots for the kiddos, organizing a few areas of our house, and its the last week of school for the boys before Fall break next week. Hopefully, planning to take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch in our area over their Fall break (fingers crossed there is one that will be open).

Apple Pie Filling / Kitchen Towels / Jasmine’s Vest and Candy Corn long sleeve shirt

I hope you had a great weekend! XO

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