October Days

The past week and a half have been filled with highs and lows. We received a call from the boys’ school stating that someone in one of the Kindergarten classes tested positive for Covid so for extra precautions all Kindergarteners needed to self isolate for fourteen days. So Jordan has been at home doing distance learning and Jonathan is still able to go to school if he is not sick etc. I knew this year would be challenging and it has yet to disappoint, but we are just taking it day by day and remembering to count our blessings.

So over the weekend, we made these fun spider cupcakes that the kiddos thought were so cool. Pinterest has so many cute ideas for fun ways to decorate cupcakes or other Halloween goodies. When in doubt just make cupcakes and things will start to feel better!

It was beautiful weather on Saturday so we put some more Halloween decorations out in our front yard. We normally do a haunted house on Halloween but have decided not to do it this year which we are all bummed about. We have made individual candy bags and plan on leaving them in our driveway for any trick-or-treaters that come by. Also, we plan on doing a fun scavenger hunt on Halloween day for the kiddos instead of trick or treating this year.

Sunday our nice weather came to a halt! It was so cold so we made Italian tortellini sausage soup and looked at pressed leaves that we picked earlier in the week. I think we will make bookmarks with the leaves, stay tuned, and will share later once they are complete.

We have a busy week ahead with Jordan at home doing school, Jonathan going to school, and Jordan is turning six this week! I am still in disbelief, but we have party planning to do (we are just having it at home), a scavenger hunt to make still, and last-minute Halloween decorating. All while enjoying the last week of our favorite month! I can’t believe how quickly this month went!

I hope you all are doing fun, festive things this last week of October! XO

Homemade Play Dough and Halloween Doodles

Fall break is over and the boys are back to school. We had a nice time with them being home for the week and made sure to make the last weekend count. Friday night the boys camped out in our backyard (which I am completely shocked they lasted all night). It was relatively warm throughout the night and they had a blast! They attempted to on Saturday night, but I had to be the bad guy and made them stay inside once they both came in sniffling asking for more blankets. Parenting is a roller coaster of highs and lows, but at the end of each decision love and caring are always our goals even if the kids don’t realize it.

Anyway, on Saturday, we made some homemade play dough and created Halloween inspired goodies. I always use this recipe and added a few drops of essential oils to make the dough smell delicious! Homemade playdough is one of our favorite activities. Even though the kitchen is lightly dusted with flour for days, the mess is worth the fun!

We had blustery weather on Sunday so we read Halloween books, colored Halloween doodles (I came across this free printable here ), and watched some movies. Seriously, my favorite kind of day.

Ghosts in the House / The Cat at Night / Little Owl’s Night / The Scariest Book Ever / Jasmine’s beanie / boy’s beanie / Jasmines Boots / Boo and Pumpkin luminars Old from Potterybarn Kids

I hope you have a great week ahead! XO

Fall Break

This week has been nice having the boys home from school. We have had lazy mornings, lots of pancakes, and plenty of time to enjoy the Fall weather. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and turn crunchy and our mornings are nice and crisp.

Jonathan the other day brought out our Monopoly game and we have been bouncing from Monopoly to this Fall puzzle. Since the begin of quarantine we started puzzling and have had one active puzzle at our family table. It is nice to gather around it and just small talk several times throughout the day. Jordan is our littler puzzler and has a real knack for it.

In the afternoons we have been enjoying our apples, caramel + peanut butter mix, and chocolate chips to snack on. The apples are so delicious right now since they are in season and we love to try all the different varieties. Jordan recently learned about all the different types of apples at school and so he has been very excited to talk about apples while eating them with plenty of caramel and peanut butter dip.

Kids Pajamas (currently sold out, but the Adult Sizes are on super sale) / The Scariest Book Ever

Even though the kiddos are eager to get back to school we plan on enjoying the weekend by making chicken noodle soup, going to the soccer field, and maybe painting some pumpkins. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

Pumpkin Patch

The boys are on Fall break all week so we decided to kick off their break by heading to our local Pumpkin Patch. The weather was really warm and it was just a beautiful Fall day. The kiddos got to explore the entire farm. They looked at all different types of pumpkins, seen chickens, pigs, and alpacas. They had a hayride and a barrel train. We ended our fun by completing a corn maze which was the boy’s favorite thing! They could have stayed hours walking around the maze if we let them.

Overall we had a fun-filled Fall day! The kids are already asking when we can go back. They offer a few other activities later in the month that were not available the day we went so we might just have to go back one more time!

Here are a few more things we plan to check off our Fall bucket list…
Paint pumpkins, jump in piles of leaves, drink hot cider outside one evening, and watch all the festive, classic Halloween movies. What’s on your Fall bucket list this year?

I hope you had a wonderful Fall weekend! XO