Fall Break

This week has been nice having the boys home from school. We have had lazy mornings, lots of pancakes, and plenty of time to enjoy the Fall weather. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and turn crunchy and our mornings are nice and crisp.

Jonathan the other day brought out our Monopoly game and we have been bouncing from Monopoly to this Fall puzzle. Since the begin of quarantine we started puzzling and have had one active puzzle at our family table. It is nice to gather around it and just small talk several times throughout the day. Jordan is our littler puzzler and has a real knack for it.

In the afternoons we have been enjoying our apples, caramel + peanut butter mix, and chocolate chips to snack on. The apples are so delicious right now since they are in season and we love to try all the different varieties. Jordan recently learned about all the different types of apples at school and so he has been very excited to talk about apples while eating them with plenty of caramel and peanut butter dip.

Kids Pajamas (currently sold out, but the Adult Sizes are on super sale) / The Scariest Book Ever

Even though the kiddos are eager to get back to school we plan on enjoying the weekend by making chicken noodle soup, going to the soccer field, and maybe painting some pumpkins. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO

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