Homemade Play Dough and Halloween Doodles

Fall break is over and the boys are back to school. We had a nice time with them being home for the week and made sure to make the last weekend count. Friday night the boys camped out in our backyard (which I am completely shocked they lasted all night). It was relatively warm throughout the night and they had a blast! They attempted to on Saturday night, but I had to be the bad guy and made them stay inside once they both came in sniffling asking for more blankets. Parenting is a roller coaster of highs and lows, but at the end of each decision love and caring are always our goals even if the kids don’t realize it.

Anyway, on Saturday, we made some homemade play dough and created Halloween inspired goodies. I always use this recipe and added a few drops of essential oils to make the dough smell delicious! Homemade playdough is one of our favorite activities. Even though the kitchen is lightly dusted with flour for days, the mess is worth the fun!

We had blustery weather on Sunday so we read Halloween books, colored Halloween doodles (I came across this free printable here ), and watched some movies. Seriously, my favorite kind of day.

Ghosts in the House / The Cat at Night / Little Owl’s Night / The Scariest Book Ever / Jasmine’s beanie / boy’s beanie / Jasmines Boots / Boo and Pumpkin luminars Old from Potterybarn Kids

I hope you have a great week ahead! XO

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