Weekend Overview

Happy Monday! We have had quite the week last week. The boys were hardly in school again because we got a ton of snow. Their School was canceled two days last week and they had two-hour delays every day that school was open. We had slow mornings, played in the snow, and did lots of coloring and puzzling when we were inside. The boys also went sledding at one of the High Schools nearby our house, they have the perfect hills for sledding!

Sunday morning the sky was so pretty at sunrise. I love waking up and peeking outside to see the mountains covered in snow and watch the sun come up. We had French toast sticks for breakfast and I happened to look out the window and saw the most chubby, darling bird sitting on our basketball hoop. Once the sun came out a bit more Jasmine and Jordan went out back and attempted to build a snowman. He didn’t last long as his head kept falling off, but the kiddos had a fun time.

Large coloring Poster / Maps book

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if you have snow where you live hopefully you can enjoy a few snow days! XO

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