Easter Basket Inspiration

Hello friends! With Easter landing so early this year on the calendar I am determined to get the kiddo’s Easter baskets complete early this year. Jonathan’s birthday and Easter fall on the same weekend this year so I need to be extra prepared this year.

Easter is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. The kids love to dye Easter eggs and leave them out for the Easter Bunny. I love to get the kids each a book, a craft, and something that they will need for Spring (soccer ball, water bottles, etc.) and we can’t forget about the candy! I will also include some playdough that I will make ( I use this recipe and love it) and put it in a fun jar adding a few drops of essential oils and a few Easter cookie cutters so they can have an Easter-inspired sensory kit.

Another fun idea is to fill a tumbler or water bottle with their favorite treats. I found some edible grass at our local grocery store that was so cute and unique, I know the kids will love it!

Below are ideas for Jordan and Jasmine (their ages are 3 and 6 years old). Jonathan’s will look different since he is older, but he still looks forward to seeing what the “Easter bunny” will bring!

Poster Paint Pods/ Egg Coloring Kit / Hello Nature Book / Hopscotch Chalk/ In the Garden Book/ Mini Rolling Pins (for playdough)/ Paint Sticks / Easter Bunny Tumbler

Happy almost Spring friends! XO

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