Easter Crafts and Nature Walks

The boys have been on Spring Break for the past two weeks and I wish I could report that we were able to get outside a lot, but it has been so cold in our region. We even woke up to snow a few mornings. Needless to say, we have been stuck inside for a good portion of their break. However, we did have just a few nice days that we did go to several parks and were able to walk around our neighborhood.

With Easter just a week or so away we decided that we needed to get some Easter crafting happening. Jordan made the cutest bunny all by himself (his creativity amazes me sometimes). Another craft we did was just using construction paper I cut out an egg shape on just white paper and let the kids paint using pastel colors. I love to see what designs they come up with. Once they were finished and the paint dried, we glued them on a different color piece of construction paper and then I laminated them.

Another fun activity that gets you out of the house is we took a nature walk around the block (Jonathan rollerbladed) and I had the kids find small egg-shaped rocks. Once we were home I washed the rocks, let them dry, and the kids painted the rocks like Easter eggs. They love doing things like this and it is a nice way to get some fresh air and let their creative side come out.

I hope you are having a wonderful Spring Break! XO

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