Summer Fun

We are ready to officially kick off Summer and spend plenty of time outside. One of the kiddos favorite activities is bubbles! They never seem to tire from them. I always make sure to stock up on bubble solution and fun accessories. It is hours of entertainment. We just might need to up our bubble game and experiment with this idea. Looks so fun!

Another thing that I love about Summer is the fresh fruit. There is nothing better to eat, well maybe besides an ice cream cone but Summer is the season to eat delicious fruit. I tried this Thieves veggie and fruit wash for the first time and will use this to wash our fruits and veggies every time. The water was so dirty it was shocking. If you are interested you can purchase it here and use my member ID 22456591 when checking out! Plus, I notice if our fruit is washed and ready to eat in the refrigerator we are more inclined to eat it!

Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial weekend! XO

Dandelions and Soccer Fields

Hello friends! During the week in the evenings, I am at the soccer field almost every night. The kids love to be outside, playing soccer (which they have missed tremendously) and it feels life is somewhat back to normal when we are outdoors. It is a small chunk of time that is so powerful and needed for everyone’s mental health.

Jasmine loves to pick all the dandelions and make me dandelion bouquets. Jordan loves to play at the park when it’s not his soccer practice and Jonathan just enjoys playing soccer. Kids are laughing, running around, the sun is warm, and we are forever grateful!

I hope you had a great weekend! XO

Weekend Overview

We had a weekend filled with soccer, sunshine, and plenty of time doodling outside with outdoor chalk. The boys have just a few more weeks of school and we couldn’t be happier. Jordan will be graduating from Kindergarten and Jonathan from 5th grade heading to Middle School. This school year has been so enjoyable with the boys being able to spend one year together and having the same schedules. I will cherish the next few weeks and hope they don’t go too quickly, but looking forward to having them all home for Summer with no schedules.

The weather has been mostly warm with the exception of a few breezy days here and there. We have been busy working outside, landscaping, and getting our grass and irrigation system all up to par. This time of year is always so busy.

Outdoor Chalk/ Jasmine’s sandals

I hope you have a wonderful week! XO