Weekend Overview

And just like that, the weekend is over and it’s Monday. We had an eventful week, where should I start…Oh, Jordan lost his front tooth while Jonathan was walking him to the car from school. He was drinking out of his water bottle and bumped into something and his front tooth fell out! He opened the car door and was holding his front tooth and his mouth was slightly bleeding. Let’s just say I was not expecting that.

The next morning Jordan comes walking down the stairs holding his tooth still in the bag, looking at me with disbelief. Yes, yes the tooth fairy (me) completely forgot! I felt so bad. The tooth fairy (me) left an I hope you can forgive me note along with seven bucks. The mother of the year award will not be heading in my direction this year.

Friday comes along and I get a call from Jonathan’s school saying he has been exposed in close contact with another student who tested positive for Covid. So I had to go and pick him up and he has to quarantine for ten days until we can get him tested to confirm either way. He is in isolation in our movie room and we have been communicating via facetime and walkie-talkies. Luckily, he is feeling fine for now and we hope he stays that way.

On Sunday, Jordan, Jasmine, and I went to one of our local nurseries and picked up a few more pumpkins for the front porch and backyard. The kiddos picked out some great pumpkins and had a nice time walking around looking at all the plants and flowers. They can’t wait to carve the pumpkins! I highly recommend checking your local nurseries for the best prices on pumpkins. We got a steal, $1.99 per pumpkin no matter the size or weight (limit was six per household).

So with all the events from the week before, cupcakes were a must for the weekend. The littles and I went on a few walks around our neighborhood and collected Fall goodies and enjoyed eating the cupcakes we baked.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week! XO

Fall 2021

Happy Fall friends! Today is the official start of the Fall season and I am ready for all the festive Fall things! Even though it is still pretty warm here for the middle of September and the leaves are just now starting to change I can’t wait to make cozy meals, drink apple cider, and start to watch all the Halloween movies. One of my favorite things right now is walking the kids to school in the morning during this time. It is truly the best and I love to hear their thoughts, what they have going on that day, and just enjoy the fresh air.

Over the weekend we spotted a few pumpkins while we were running errands and of course, had to get them. I love to put them throughout the house for small touches of Fall! Also, our mums are starting to bloom which gives me all the Fall feels.

Nature Book here / Martha Stewart Living magazine October’s issue

Another way to get your house feeling like Fall is for it to smell like Fall. I used to buy all the seasonal candles from Bath and Body Works religiously, but switched and ditched the candles for many reasons. First, it is bad for our overall health to breathe in the toxic fumes that candles release, and in our case, we have kids who love to throw balls in the house and I would always worry that they would knock over a candle no matter how far out of reach that I placed it. So diffusing essential oils was a game changer and I love the ability to play around with the different oils to create your favorite scent. Below are must-have Fall oils and you will love them. You can check them out here!

Another Fall favorite of ours is baked cinnamon apples (these are Jonathan’s favorite and they remind me so much of my Grandma that I love to bake them and think of her), caramel and apples (Jordan’s favorite), and I am determined this season to make a homemade apple pie (wish me luck).

I hope you have a wonderful day, Happy Fall! XO


Hi friends! Can you even believe it is almost the middle of September? We finally had clear skies this past week and are forever grateful. Our city hosts an annual hot balloon festival every year this weekend. It is one of my favorite weekends here. I always have high hopes of getting up early (they begin at 4:00 am) but have yet to do so. However, we live close enough that we can see the balloons in the skyline and it is so beautiful.

Saturday, the boys got to play their first soccer games of the season. They were so excited and it was great weather! Jonathan’s team ended up losing but he was able to score four goals! Jordan’s team won and then we headed home from being at the fields all day.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! XO