Fall Break

Hi friends! It’s October, my favorite month and time of the year. The boys are off from school all week so we have been enjoying the time off. However, we have been busy with dentist appointments, flu shots, and soccer practice still. I try to always schedule these types of appointments during this week so they can miss less school.

We have been working on our Haunted House and are excited for this year’s Halloween. We toned last year’s down and are hopeful we can have a safe Haunted house for our community to enjoy. The kiddos have all been participating in decorating and helping which is so fun.

We took the kids to see The Addams Family 2 in the theater a few days ago and that got them even more into the Halloween spirit. It’s such a busy time for us but we would not have it any other way.

This time of year we love to color all the Halloween doodles (you can search free-printable Halloween doodles and print them off for your littles), craft, and read Halloween books. The weather has been windy, dark, and we are supposed to get some rain so we will be staying cozy inside. I just started the Great Alone and am enjoying it so far. What are you reading this month?

Ghosts in the House Book/ Great Alone Book / Ceramic Bat candy Dish (old from Crate and Barrel)

Happy October! XO

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